Your Mobile Rig is Long Due for an Upgrade

A Revolution Has Arrived

A Revolution Has Arrived

For decades speaker stands have remained ugly functional pieces that every performer has out of necessity. The TriLight Speaker Stand changes this entirely by replacing the legs with ultra bright LED tubes that completely transform your show.

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The World's Only Lighted Tripod Speaker Stand

The TriLight Speaker Stand started with two simple questions.  Why do so many tools of the trade in mobile performance only perform the specific task for which they were originally created?  And why not transform those mundane pieces into works of art that add a touch of elegance, excitement, and class to the setup?

With these 2 questions in mind we set out to create the world's best tripod speaker stand starting from the ground up.  Without a doubt the stand fulfills its core purpose of elevating your speakers, but it does so with a robust set of new features that will set your show apart from everyone else.

The TriLight Speaker Stand has undergone rigorous road simulation testing and real world touring applications.  It is strong.  Extremely strong.  We have no doubt you will be impressed with its build quality.  We also guarantee that you will be just as impressed with the best in industry technology inside the stand driving its ultrabright LEDs, exciting chase patterns, and elegant settings.  You simply wont be disappointed.


  • Completely Customizable

    Adjust brightness, modes, reactivity, and more with the included remote.

  • Dances to the Music

    Four sound modes with adjustable sensitivity create an exciting show.

  • Selectable Pre Set Colors

    8 pre set colors to choose from built into the remote.

  • Lift Assist

    Backs rejoice! An actuator in the stand assists the speaker in being raised or lowered.

  • Solid Construction

    All of the components are incredibly durable guaranteeing you years of use and profitability.

  • 100 lbs

    The TriLight Speaker Stand is incredibly strong with a 100lbs load capacity. Let's get real we aren't trying to raise up some dual 15s!


Does this attach to an existing stand?

No, the TriLight Speaker Stand is a completely independent speaker stand. It contains all of the features of the best stands on the market plus the all new patent pending LED tube legs.

How do you control the stand?

The stand is controlled with the included remote. You can select from 8 pre set colors, 4 chase patters, and 4 different sound active modes. You can also adjust the brightness, sound sensitivity, and turn the stand on and off. The TriLight Speaker Stand does not have DMX.

Is it durable?

The TriLight Speaker Stand is incredibly durable. It has been subjected to rigorous testing and real world touring applications. It is stronger than most tripod speaker stands currently available on the market. It has a 100lbs load capacity.

How are the lights attached?

The lights are inside the clear tube legs. They are encased in an aluminum channel, and secured in place as not to get damaged during transport. The aluminum channel is covered with a diffusing cover that allows the leg to completely fill with color.

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